This fall, perfect your green gardening

This fall, perfect your green gardening

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Mulching, composting, natural and organic products ... Do you want to learn about techniques that respect the environment?

Start this winter.

The organic garden is first and foremost a philosophy. The desire to conserve the nature of the soil, to preserve flora and fauna, to relearn ecological methods that are both ancestral and innovative.

Are you tempted? Obviously, start by taking all synthetic chemicals to the recycling center! Then study the topography and conditions of your garden. Consider saving water, equip yourself with the right tools, do your best to enhance the soil, use natural fertilizers (nettles, algae, comfrey, plantain, mustard or fern) ...

You can start by making your compost, mulching your soil and working the soil by hand. Three ideas that are easy to implement.

Compost: black gold

Compost is one of the first actions you can take for your green garden. Especially if you eat organic plants. Do not throw the peelings in the ordinary garbage but put them together in a composter to allow them to turn into humus. The latter will "improve the structure of the soil by preventing it from becoming impoverished because humus contains a wide range of nutrients, minerals and trace elements essential for plants," advises Fiona Hopes. And the waste stays inside the garden, making it a sustainable garden. " Ideally, it is in summer and fall that you can spread it in the garden. Several models of composters are on sale in garden centers and DIY stores, otherwise you can make them, simply from pallet wood for example, according to different concepts: thermocomposter, eco-composter, drum, digester, bokashi, vermicomposter ...

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Mulching: summer and winter

One of the bases of ecological gardening is to keep the soil always covered to protect it (as on the model of forest soil). A first method consists in planting ground cover crops adapted to the exposure and the typology of the site. Otherwise, you can spread straw, shavings or vegetable bark, sawdust, grass clippings, compost or even cardboard or newspaper or even canvas at the foot of your plants and vegetables. of jute or coconut. In summer, mulching will prevent the water from evaporating too quickly, thus reducing the drudgery of watering, and will also prevent weeds from growing. In winter, it will protect the soil and roots from frost and nourish the soil.

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Indispensable tools

Nothing better to pamper your soil than to have real contact with it, to observe it and to work it gently. Your flowers and harvests will only be more beautiful! Among the essential tools of the ecological gardener: the spade, the spade-fork, the transplanter, the secateurs, the garden claw, the rake, the hoe, the saw, the wheelbarrow, and for your comfort, a knee protector. Many specialized brands such as Fiskars, Devaux, Revex, Gardena and Leborgne now offer ergonomic tools that greatly facilitate work in the garden. Did you know ? It is good to favor copper tools, which “do not disturb the magnetic and electric fields of the site and seem to promote energy flows. Other advantages: they never rust and even help fight slugs and snails! ".

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To read: My first organic garden easily, by Fiona Hopes, published by Marabout, € 5.95.

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